Sunday, July 8, 2007

Post office and mail bag--we're ready....

I'm exhausted.....been getting ready for camp all day and it is hot, hot, hot here. (not that I'm suffering too much--our air conditioning is working-thank goodness) We are all set for tomorrow.....we have some camp stamps printed and a post box painted---here is a picture of it---it's an old bread box done up by Megan. (the post office sign is done by Emily) We also got kits together for the projects we are doing and I picked up a few more beads--for a bracelet project--at the craft store on my trip to the grocery.

This is the felt Mail Bag that I stitched up over the past few days. It is regular felt-single thickness-except the strap and top flap which I doubled up. Here is a close-up of the embroidered stuff. I free-handed the stitching because the pen I have for transfers is blue ink---not very useful here. :-)

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