Monday, July 5, 2010


I am in awe at how easy a sewing machine attachment makes this sewing project a breeze. 
I was so frustrated with the top-stitching on the other pillowcases I made just recently. My 19 year old Singer would feed thru at different rates and pucker up the stitching around the top where there are several layers.
In my machine's instruction booklet I read about an attachment called a walking foot and thought it might help but I'd never heard of them. I sure didn't figure I'd be able to find one after all this time. Well, what a surprise when I found a box of Singer attachments at an antiques shop's clearance area.

Oh, lovely day, for five bucks I became the proud owner of this box of gems.
I didn't even know for sure that all the attachments would fit but they looked right so I brought them home.

Here is my magical walking foot. Such a simple gadget. It makes the feed dog and all behave and work together. Not a pucker in sight. All frustrations gone--now that was a splendid find, wouldn't you say? Happy Day!

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