Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Fun

I went in to Em's class today and helped the kids make gingerbread houses. It was a blast to see what they came up with. All that candy and gooey icing!!
I got together a great craft for Em's class as well. I found the idea on Crafty Crow and added glitter. I prepared by making part of it ahead. First drizzle hot glue all over cardboard. Then you cut out a circle and spray with glue. Foil is pressed down on the glue. This is when the kids take over and color each area with a permanent marker, leaving the ridges silver. Then they take the ornament to a box where we sprayed more glue on top and it was off to the glitter tray. Finally, we put a string through a punched hole and bagged them to keep the glitter contained on the way home. I was lucky to have lots of help getting the ornaments ready and helping during the process.
The only other thing I added was a paper cut out on the back of the ornament for each student's name and I also included the teacher's name and year.
It was so much fun and I am so glad it is over and we can relax and enjoy this next week. It is snowing here-lightly-so pretty.
My Bell's Palsy is slowly getting a bit better. I have more control over my mouth and eyelid. :-)

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Mickie said...

Sarah, glad you are feeling a bit better and starting to recover. The houses are awesome and love the ornament! What an ingenious idea!! I might do that with Helena if we can fit in a craft day before the holiday! Hugs and happy holidays, Mickie