Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finger Puppet

A knitted finger puppet I whipped up the other evening.
I have no idea what animal? it is....

Finger Puppet
I used variegated sock yarn on size one needles.
Cast on: 20 st.
stockinette stitch 18 rows (give or take)
(K2, SSK) 2 times, K4, (K2tog, K2) 2 times (16 st)
(SSK) 4 times, (K2tog) 4 times (8 st)
K1, SSK, K2, K2tog, K1 (6st)
pull the working thread through all stitches, gather
and stitch the puppet's back up using the mattress stitch.

Pointed ears (make two)
Cast on 2 st.
Kfb, K1 (3 st)
(Kfb) 3 times (6 st)
cast off
Fold ear in half and stitch along the long cast off edge,
then placing onto puppet, stitch one to each side.
This ear could easily become a bunny ear by continuing to knit,
before casting off, until the length is pleasing.

Cast on 3 st.
Knit one row
Thread the working thread through all three stitches,
gather roughly into a triangular shape
or circular blob and stitch to face.
You could always knit one more row to get a bigger nose.
(each nose is guaranteed to look different) 

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