Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A little ichimatsu (friendship doll) to stitch as my thoughts are with the Japanese people whose strength, endurance and civilized behavior is so admirable in these horrible days.
Please stitch along with me if you want.
I am planning to stitch the finished work (a redwork square) to the front of a little work bag. 
To grab the image above, click on it, copy to your hard drive, and print the image.
Then use a window as a light box to lightly pencil the picture onto a piece of fabric.
I like to use a sharp pencil because it is a thinner line than the water soluble pen.
I don't see the pencil line when I'm done because the red thread covers it well.
The flower on the blouse and the mouth are to be worked in a lazy daisy stitch so be careful penciling that in.
The buttons on the blouse are french knots so just make a pencil dot there instead of the round circle.

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