Saturday, April 2, 2011


Organizing my ribbons......
I have tried different methods in the past. Most of the time they have been thrown into a clear plastic bin--quite messy and hard to sort through.
Once, I tried to mount the ribbon spools on metal rods attached to the wall. That won't work where I am now because I don't have the wall space.
This time around I am trying plastic bags organized by theme in a plastic bin. I took the time to remove all the cardboard spools and wrapped the ribbon with a clear rubberband or a strip of paper (taped closed).
I was unhappy to find that some ribbon had been slightly damaged by sticky tape holding it to the spool so I'm glad I got rid of the spools.
I thought about splitting the ribbon up in bags by color but I tried to think of how I look for ribbon for a project and decided that I usually look for a specific theme first.
 Utility (such as bias tape),
 and Novelty
Ric Rac is in a jar all by itself

What ribbons do you hoard?? :-)

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