Monday, June 20, 2011


Snail's Trails is one of my very favorite patchwork patterns.
It was on view at a quilt show that I had a chance to go to on Friday.
I shared the day with Mom and Meg and we exhausted ourselves with fun. :-) 
This vintage r/w/b quilt was in a vendor's booth.
Isn't it lovely? 
All those curves......
A different vendor was upset that I was taking pictures of his gorgeous booth
(there wasn't a "no photos" sign at his booth),
but I promised not to share the photos anywhere. I wish I could.... 
Anyway, the gorgeous booth was filled with buttons, ribbons and sewing ephemera all arranged by color.
So there was a blue area, a red area, purple, etc.--it was so very pretty.
So many pretty colors!

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Mickie said...

Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos! Love the last quilt too.....WOW! Sounds like a fun day! Hugs, Mickie