Thursday, September 29, 2011

The House That Mouse Built

I just found this wonderful book,
"The House That Mouse Built" by Maggie Rudy & Pam Abrams.
It is just so lovely and clever! 
This is a picture of the inside of the book cover.
Look at the hanging lamp over the table.
It is a pod with holes in it and electrified.
So many details to look at and admire. Love, love it!
Here is Maggie Rudy's website called Mouses Houses.
This is a little acorn lamp I made that is just dollhouse size.
I took one acorn cap and a slightly smaller-sized acorn turned upside down.
I glued them together to make the lamp.

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Mickie said...

I haven't been home so it's been fun catching up with your blog. What a cute book! I love LOVE your picture of the sunflower (would make a good quilt). You keep me inspired, Sarah :)