Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I made this felt rabbit 11 years ago about this time of the year.
I was pregnant with Em and had found a Richard Scarry activity book
with the pattern in it. 
I found another copy of the activity book this past summer
and couldn't resist snapping it up. 
This is the pattern for the mouse girl. 
This is my someday book....
someday I might use it....someday I may have little grandchildren. :-) 
Until then I can enjoy the illustrations and ideas for activities.
Richard Scarry books are great rainy day/snow day books
to be poured over, and over looking at all the details.

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Patty said...

Your mouse is so cute! I totally would have bought that activity book too. And just made stuff for myself. :) When I was little, my favorite book was his Best Word Book Ever. I carried it around all the time and eventually the cover fell off.