Saturday, August 3, 2013

Medieval Summer

Every summer, the girls and I have tried to have a project to work on. This year we decided to put on a Medieval Fest for the family. When the day came we set up in part of our back yard with tents, tables and fire. Emily was in charge of archery and hair. I made dresses for both the girls and myself and an execution's hood for J. Meg knit and spun. We had a ton of fun getting ready for it, though the girls dresses were *yikes* fitted. We made soap, bound notebooks and wrote with a nibbed pen and walnut ink.
I learned how to card weave, also known as tablet weaving. I made a loom from scrap lumber and used playing cards to hold the threads in a pattern. 
I didn't take any pictures that day, I wish I had because I made itty-bitty pies and we grilled sausages over the fire. We even had a trader's fair, where we had some of the things we had made. The few pictures we have at least include one of our plague victims that came. :-)

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