Friday, February 8, 2008

New Year Decorations

Emily and I made these signs yesterday for our Chinese New Year's dinner and taped them up in the dining room. I wish I could say that my walls were turquoise like in the picture but alas no, that happened when I used auto-fix and I like it. :-) We made the signs from a one dollar plastic tablecloth that I cut into strips. I used a black sharpie to hand letter the words and when we taped them up we happily found that they clung to the wall thru static cling.

We have been getting lots and lots of snow lately and I took this shot near Meg's school.
I am so glad that someone invented the snow blower--I know they are noisy but they sure are nice when the snow is coming down, down, down. (I just looked and I guess a Canadian named Sicard is credited with it, way back in the late 1800's) Em showed me a website where you can make virtual snowflakes right here. You can save them online or off or even email them to someone.

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