Friday, February 1, 2008

The Post

Isn't this the coolest postbox. Mail, oh it is a Beautiful thing! But you know what is just as great? Getting a comment on this blog! Makes me smile at the sweetness. It is great to smile! Thank you very, very much, Felicia, Lola, Delphine, and Jackie for sending me some mail. :-) One question that came up was where did I get the wooden bases for the dolls that I painted. The doll with the dress is found just as is at Michaels and the little Asian doll is made from a wooden bead base glued to a wooden ball for her head. I have painted a couple more but I can't upload the pictures yet because Meg is on the computer I use for uploads. :-) I have made a little progress in the basement--a whole trash can full of old papers. Yikes! I don't think I need to keep Meg's old school papers from elementary school.
Have a good weekend everyone--great in fact! :-)

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