Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Grass is Growing

I wish it were the grass outside that was sprouting but I can be satisfied with a little of it right here in our kitchen. Em has been a busy bee lately. All my Brownie posting got her inspired to write a book about the Brownies and she has checked to see if I have posted it here ever since the here are a couple of pages. :-)

Yesterday on Dr. Phil they had a show about packrats--one of the fellows had 54 coats, hundreds of hats and a couple of sinks stacked in his backyard--just in case he might need them. I can't claim to have identified with him much :-) but certainly I need to go through my basement with an eye to eliminating some clutter--I can safely say that there are lots of things that can go. All of our cold gray days recently should be excellent inspiration to head downstairs and know that I'm not missing the sun. It would be nice to welcome the sun back, come spring knowing that I've cleared out some clutter. How many bags of stuff can I toss?? Anybody willing to join me in the clutter toss? :-) Check out Organized for some inspiration--see you there. ;-)


Jackie M said...

What a delightful Brownie book and pictures Em, thank you for that. I cleared out bags and boxes full of clutter last summer and, guess what? I've now got even more! Have a lovely weekend, jackie Mx

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Cute pictures! Love children's art.
I've been on a de-clutter mission since Jan 4th, when our 29 year old daughter came to stay with us for three months, and promised to help me make massive progress. She is a traveling nurse, and has lived "on the road" for the last few years. Whatever doesn't fit in her car at the end of each assignment gets tossed; she has no problem being brutal with clutter.

I am glad you found (and hung on to?) you CFG bead though. Somethings are just too special to toss!

Anonymous said...

I was a camp fire girl in Biloxi Ms.I have great memories of all the fun at camp Ruth Lee that was in Baton Rouge La. I spent 2 weeks there! I had my vest covered with beads and patches..I sold better homes and gardens magazine to help raise money for our group I won the prize for selling the most!and there was a big ceremony for us! there is not a campfire girls club around here anymore I haven't seen or heard of one for 40 years wondering what happened? These young girls really need this it helps them learn Independence and how to survive without a mans help!!! I really wish I could help in some way I think I would consider being a sponser!