Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brownies galore

I know you are all thinking of the chocolatey, yummy dessert but I am thinking of the little sprites made so popular long ago by Palmer Cox. I found pictures on the web showing the bowling game with Brownie "pins" to knock down--very cool.

Palmer Cox was best known for his books detailing Brownie adventures. Dover reprinted at least two of his books in the 60's.
Here are two timely quotes featuring Palmer Cox Brownies.......

I've got to remember this when the roads are crunchy with snow because it is only 2 degrees outside. :-)

How is everyone's week going? I'm glad it is almost Friday--as always. :-) I forgot to tell you all what new recipe I made last week. It was a cheesy chicken noodle, a recipe that I sort of made up because I didn't have all the ingredients for any recipe. It didn't start out very well--the chicken that I was going to cut up didn't smell right so I tossed it. My Mom assured me that canned chicken wouldn't be noticeable in the casserole--wrongo--sorry Mom. It was edible and that is being kind. Yuck! I have a couple of days to come up with a new recipe to try this week--not tonight tho--it is leftover spaghetti because of a late school meeting.

Thanks Jackie for being so very kind. Yes, I am thinking about selling a few things here or on Etsy. It will no doubt take me some time to get things together tho.....thanks again :-)


Jackie M said...

Thank you for all the information about the Brownies, that was really interesting and love the pictures amd the sweet little Brownie quotes, very wise ones too!
Do you have Brownies in the USA which are younger versions of Girl Guides (or Scouts)? We do in the UK and they wear brownie uniforms and meet regularly to do various fun activities. When I was a girl (a long time ago, I'm 50 now!), we were divided into groups and I was in the Pixies, there were also Elves and Sprites I remember. Did you find a new recipe? Not quite right chicken is not nice is it? Hope you're having a good weekend, and aren't too cold. It's sunny for once here, not grey or wet, so it's lovely to potter round the garden and admire all the new growth starting to come through. Love Jackie Mx

Felicia said...

They're adorable :)