Monday, January 28, 2008

Campfire Girls & Bluebirds

Such pleasant memories of being a Bluebird and Campfire Girl. I didn't stay in it long enough to go to camp or anything but I loved all the crafts we would do at the meetings. I save all kinds of stuff, a regular pack rat extraordinare, so it will be no big surprise to find that I have all of the Campfire beads that I earned as well as my Bluebird pin and a Bluebird bracelet. The round blue thingy in the picture is for cinching up the neck scarf of the Campfire girl's uniform and the little silver charm is the trail seeker charm that is for the first level of Campfire Girls. The handbook is a used book find--I don't know what happened to mine.
The Bluebird Wish
To have fun.
To learn to make beautiful things.
To remember to finish what I begin.
To want to keep my temper most of the time.
To go to interesting places.
To know about trees and flowers and birds.
To make friends.


Jackie M said...

What a lovely post, thank you that was very intresting. I love those beads and the bracelet and pin, also the Bluebird wish, all very charming Jackie Mx

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hey there fellow Bluebird!
I too have the beads and the books, now if I could just find my little Bluebird pin I would probably wear it all the time.
I blogged about being a bluebird last July; and made myself a promise that I would make a point of once again making The Bluebird Wish...which meant doing all the things in the Wish, starting with HAVING FUN!

The wish has in many ways influenced me as a blogger. Each item of the wish is a pretty good thing to blog about as I go about making them come true.

I found you by using google's blog search. Hurray for THAT fun thing!

Chelle said...

This is rich! I was googling activities for a camping trip and stumbled upon Camp Fire USA. I just had to delve further.

See, I was a Bluebird & Camp Fire Girl too! My mom was a leader, I remember all the super fun stuff we did - including Camp Wathana in Michigan.

I'm laughing at the last post tho, because I don't have the beads anymore, the bracelet, or much else, but I do still have ALL my pins :D

Great site - I forgot all about the Bluebird handbook - what a great trip back in time!! ~Chelle~

Lynn said...

I am also a former Camp Fire Girl from Bluebirds all the way through. My mom was my leader and as hard as it was to be the leader's daughter, I am completely in awe of her now. Especially now that I have daughters in Girl Scouts, because Camp Fire doesn't really exist in many places now, like where we live -only one group that meets for 3 months a year and on the other side of the city. Anyway, the lessons I learned, the fun I had, the friends I made are all invaluable to me. I am constantly thinking of the songs, games, camp -loved the camp, which is now owned by a university. I will get pieces of a song or a promise in my head, so I have to call my mom and we find ourselves singing the songs on the phone and before long my girls are asking us to teach them the songs too. I love it!

I wish I could give my daughters what camp fire and my mom gave me! I found this site through a goole search which started as an ebay search out of curiosity. You won't believe what I found - a box of Camp Fire Mints for sale from around 1960!!

Anyway, just wanted to post a quick note from another bluebird/adventurer/trailblazer/discovery/horizon - Camp fire girl!

Heidi said...

I wish my daughter could experience the time I had in Camp Fire Girls back then. What a great group to belong too and camp was fantastic. I am looking for something today tho. Does anyone know or remember how to tie that CIT knot- it is a triangle at the bottom of the scarf or tie.
Thanks, Heidi from a northern Idaho group early 70's

Leslie said...

I found your blog entry while googling for a "Camp Fire Girls" image. Oh, what memories! I had the bluebird pin, and the beads, and the camp fire uniform and book. I don't remember wearing a bluebird uniform, nor the book. In fact, I think my Mom felt I was too young for Bluebirds, so I have no idea how I got my pin.

I just loved wearing my uniform to school every Thursday. The hat, scarf, crisp white blouse, skirt with the little logo flap, embroidered knee high socks... I loved it.

Thanks for putting a nostalgic smile on my face.

--Arnnette said...

I remember. When I tell people I was a bluebird before a girlscout they look at me like, A Bluebird? what is that?
It's nice to see someone out there remembers. I loved that crafts too:)

Bonnie said...

I also was a Bluebird and Campfire girl. As a Bluebird we visited the Seattle Space needle before the top was on. Does anyone know where to but the mints we sole in the 60's? The ones they have now are by a different company and not nearly as good. I've been looking for them for ages. Thanks Bonnie

OnahleePoni said...

I had a friend tell me about this blog, and wanted to share that there are a lot of former camp fire girls out there still who share their CF memories with their children today. If you are a Facebook user, there is both CF Leader and I was in the Camp Fire Girls a long time ago, as well as groups under Camp Fire USA, and some of the resident camps you may have attended in the past. I was a camp fire girl for 10 years, and just celebrated my 10th year as a leader along with my daughter and her 10th year also. This year (2010) is also the 100th anniversary of the camp fire program. No matter what name it is called today, it will live in our hearts as it was to each one of us in our day. Enjoy! Hope to see you on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I was a blue bird around 1980 and I am looking for a blue bird dress from that time. I need it to wear for something or a pattern to make one. If you have any infor to help me please email me. im not really sure how this blogging works.

Susan said...

Wow, this is so cool! I was a former bluebird, so it is so neat to come across this. It brings back such good memories as I had the bluebird wish book and the camp fire girls book as well (forgot all about these books until I saw your blog). I still have my Bluebird pin, which I treasured when I was young. I wish I still had my uniform, though. Bluebirds was so much fun. I wanted to be a Camp Fire Girl, but we moved, and the new town didn't have Camp Fire Girls. What ever happened to the organization? Is it still in existence?

Cindy said...

I, too, was a blue bird, flew up to campfire girls. I don't have any of the outfit now, I had forgotten about the beads. Girls were in awe of the person with the most beads on their vest. They really had to work hard for those.
My favorite memories include our leader Mrs. Hackney, the meetings were held in her basement, we made christmas wreaths with the plastic wrap, that came on the clothes returning from the dry cleaners. That was somehow tied in pieces around a wire coat hanger that had been shaped into a circle. I loved camp, and the songs around the campfire. Camp was thee very best. That was a long time ago (1960-1966, back in Iowa. They don't have blue birds and campfire girls here (Indiana). But what great memories!

camp fire usa north shore council said...

Camp Fire is alive and well on the North Shore of Boston with a council office in Salem, MA. Call or email us if you want more information! 978-745-7200

Anonymous said...

For some reason I just got to thinking about Blue Birds & Campfire Girls & decided to do a search. I'm happy I found your site.

I started in Blue Birds back in 1966 & left when I started jr. hi in 1971. I have some wonderful memories of all the friends I made & the great fun we had!!

While we have a small group of Girl Scouts in my area(central Nebraska), there are no Blue Birds or Campfire Girls(or Boys). It kinda makes me sad.

Anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane!! I love the photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi from another former Bluebird (who never got to be a Camp Fire girl! :( ) I think I was one in 1st/2nd grade in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then my family moved to another school district that didn't have a council, so that was that. I got SO nostalgic after seeing your pix, especially the beads (totally remember the smooth feeling of them in my hands.) Thank you for reviving the fond memories I have of that time. Especially the joy I had in wearing my crisp BB uniform!


Anonymous said...

Whew...I needed to quickly find the exact words to the Blue Bird Wish...You helped me out...Thanks. For me, I needed the specific words: "To remember to finish what I begin." I'm 73 years old and I still remember; however it's still a 'do as I say' rather than a 'do as I do'.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Former bluebird and campfire girl here. I still have my book and scrapbook. I remember day camp and even "Peaches" our group leader. Thanks for the memories

CC said...

I too was a Blue Bird. A great memory in my young life.I don't have my uniform sadly. I remember our leader, Mrs. Stoll. It was the first time I ever made a gingerbread house with all edible extras! Thank you so much.