Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Calendar

I'm posting again, but with barely enough energy to tie my shoe. We just got back from a trip to see family-all good. We came back thru a snowstorm tho that made the trip last forever and we had to shovel out the drive before we could pull up to the house. I am just getting over a heck of a cold which didn't make me a very popular house guest. I apologize right now for keeping everyone up with my coughing. I checked out some of my favorite blogs a couple of times near Christmas and I was amazed that lots of them had time to post. Kudos!!

The calendar page above is done by the poet and artist Gwen Frostic of Michigan. She died in 2001 but her block prints are still available at her studio in Benzonia, Michigan or on her website--here. I love the simplicity of her work.

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