Friday, January 4, 2008

More Russian Dolls

I get such a kick out of Russian Matryoshkas. I've only posted a *few* times about them. :-)

These little beauties are toys from Japan called Unazukin by Bandai. Santa found these for sale on and they arrived in record time. They nod or shake their heads to any question that you ask them. That is thanks to a little battery that was already in each doll. The set that we got are all named for flowers, the ones above are Rose, Dandelion, Hydrangea, and Poppy. Check out this flickr group, here, to see lots of Unazukins. (cupcake background is a dishtowel from Target)

My Little Matryoshkas, a book by Tanya Roitman is way too cute. Each page is card-covered foam with a punch-out doll in descending size. It is all about a different Russian/Eastern European food for each day of the week. Thursday's doll has a basket of apples in her arms for apple dumplings. :-) Yum!
This is the last page and you can see Sunday's doll is popped out of her page. I love all the patterns that decorate the entire book.
You would think that since I'm playing that I'm done putting away all the Christmas decorations and have the house cleaned, laundry done, etc. Well, it just ain't so--I have a dining table covered with decorations and I need to vacumn all the stray needles--even the fake trees shed! (I do have my laundry all caught up and Em and I saw the movie Enchanted on Wednesday--really charming.) No worries!

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