Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Old stuff and Playing

I just opened a treasure trove :-) of stuff from the art room in my last home. I had forgotten about this little mixed media picture I did in 2004. It makes me happy and reminds me of kindergarten. Playing with clay and wooden blocks, singing simple songs together while my teacher Mrs. Richart played the piano. :-) I love the old all-cotton rick-rack that I used on this, it really zig-zags.
Following this whole play theme, I fooled around on Photoshop yesterday--we only have Photoshop Elements but I thought what the hey, I'm only playing. Anyway, I made this little chicky--I know, a bit wonky-all pixellated like early computer graphics, BUT it was fun!
By the way, I want to thank Sweet P and Delphine for leaving comments here on my blog. Delphine--go figure-shared kokeshi love! :-)

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Anonymous said...

You are welcome

Oh I wish I had more time to read cute blogs like yours!