Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Break

It's time for long evenings bathed in the twinkly lights of the tall Christmas tree, board games, stories read aloud and a couple of cookies. Our tree, all covered with wonderful memories, baby shoes that both girls wore on their itty-bitty sweet feet, ornaments from the different places we have made our home, gifted ornaments from lovely friends--ahhhh. :-) When I was a little girl I would sit and squint my eyes at the Christmas tree until the big bright lights would get all blurry and the colors would meet in long streaks all around the tree. This picture above has that same blurry quality to it, I still like to squint at the our lighted tree-some things will remain the same. :-)
Have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas and holiday break. Thank you for visiting my little blog and I'll see you in the New Year!!

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Bud said...

A beautiful photo that matches your words. I am enjoying strolling through your world.