Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeding the birds--Check!

I am so glad that my husband feeds the birds around our house. He gets out in the snow and ice to fill those feeders up. Boy, oh boy, if it were up to me they wouldn't see anything like a regular feeding. I do love seeing the birds dip in and out of the trees tho and land on our feeders for a little someum, someum. :-) I caught a little of the icey sparkle on the trees out front yesterday.

Check out this woodpecker! It has been visiting off and on for a few days. His red head and stripey back--so pretty. :-)


Hope said...

hey aunt sarah!
I just found out you had a blog-- i like the pics here with the ice.. the trees were beautiful like that at school this week-- I really enjoyed it... see you in a few weeks for Christmas!

Bud said...

Sarah-you have a charming blog. Your photos are wonderful. The paper doll idea is great. I can't wait til next Christmas!

Janell Cleveland