Monday, March 24, 2008

A breath of fresh air.......

I know this is just a picture of open farmland but the clouds floating by as if strung up for a movie were so pretty just hanging there. We were heading out of town on vacation--so uplifting--Ahhh!!

So this is later that day--one of the warmest and driest of our vacation and we sat out on our cabin's deck admiring the clouds reflecting on this gorgeous lake. A day after this we had 2 days solid of rain pouring down--really good for visiting museums and quilt shops however. :-)

And now this is a sweet robin we spotted at the zoo. It was a little hard getting a picture of this dude since mostly he was vigorously poking around in the soil but not too concerned with us thankfully. I think he is just as happy to see spring coming as we all are.

Finally, since I found myself capturing every possible hint of spring, here are the lovely daffs I found on Thursday smiling in the sun after all the rain.....what could be better?

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