Monday, March 3, 2008

Goofy kid stuff

Little treasures from childhood. I am still trying to declutter the house and basement, stopping and starting, totally inconsistant. I keep coming across stuff like this that has no present day use but I don't want to throw it away ethier. I remember wearing the ship, blue car, bird pins and cat eye glasses on a snazzy pair of rainbow suspenders. (Mork & Mindy fans will not wonder where I got this idea) :-) The frog, elephant and seagull on top of pins were selected with the special care of a ten year old on vacation up in Michigan. I made the beaded bracelet with a beading loom. I was definitely a goofy kid and even gooffier to save all this stuff. Good memories tho! :-)

(Picture of Mork was found here) I don't think I had a striped shirt to go with my suspenders--looking good Mork! :-)

Thank you Jackie for continuing to stop by and see me and thank you Jill for all your thoughtful comments. :-)

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Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Ouch. All those goodie would be hard to part with, but on the other hand, after awhile it starts to feel like drowning in memories and no space for going forward.

I did find I could ditch some stuff by just taking a digital picure of it and keeping it that way.

I just wish I still had my bluebird pin....