Monday, December 22, 2008

Frosty Day

Here is the sun rising outside our porch yesterday morning. The temperature never got above zero degrees Fahrenheit the whole day. It got down to a very chilly 46 degrees in a front room where we have the computer while our power was off for 6 hours! Boy, were we glad to see the power trucks pull up outside in late afternoon. We really appreciated them working outside all day in -25 windchill replacing a transformer. We had a kind of wonderful day though even with the power out. No TV, no playing outside, and no computer made for a quiet day together reading, singing Christmas carols, and crafting for the girls and I. And so of course as soon as the power went back on we all scattered to different rooms and singular enterprises again. We did get those kinda pesky Chrismas cards written out and sent too--wahoo! I'm always glad to get cards from friends but slow returning the favor unfortunately.

In the evening we got together to share a little Solstice celebrating. It was hard to turn off all of the lights and just enjoy candlelight after a day spent without power but we did it for a little while. (We kept the space heater on tho, it warmed us up to 76 degrees in that room--a real treat) We appreciate the sun returning now that we've gotten past our shortest day even more than usual after the day we had. :-)

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