Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mixed Materials

A Babushka doll I just finished this morning from a self-made pattern. I am so excited that I am making up patterns that work. I meant to make one of these for Em for Christmas but seriously ran out of time. Now both girls want this one but I think I will use the pattern to make more since I can't let this one go. Yikes, that bluebird just did it for me, the way it is tipping its head up towards the little girl's kerchiefed face. I used fleece, cotton fabric, felt--both acrylic and wool blend to put her together. The fleece and cotton worked wonderfully together. I thought they might pucker. The felt and fleece on the little girl's face worked together as well. When I added the white French knot to the eyes the whole face just popped--amazing how such a small detail works so well.
Have a great New Year's weekend! :-)

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