Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paper stash

Used some of my paper stash yesterday. I have the most awful? habit of hording craft supplies--does anyone else have this guilty secret? I have purchased pretty scrapbooking papers just because I liked the patterns without even a plan for a project. :-0 Then they sit in a box and I don't enjoy them all that much except knowing that I "have" them. (as my hands greedily rub each other) Uggh!
However, yesterday afternoon with my piles of papers I had fun cutting and pasting these dollies and only suffered small twinges as I cut into the last piece of the brown polka dot design.
These papers are from Colorbok.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A breath of fresh air.......

I know this is just a picture of open farmland but the clouds floating by as if strung up for a movie were so pretty just hanging there. We were heading out of town on vacation--so uplifting--Ahhh!!

So this is later that day--one of the warmest and driest of our vacation and we sat out on our cabin's deck admiring the clouds reflecting on this gorgeous lake. A day after this we had 2 days solid of rain pouring down--really good for visiting museums and quilt shops however. :-)

And now this is a sweet robin we spotted at the zoo. It was a little hard getting a picture of this dude since mostly he was vigorously poking around in the soil but not too concerned with us thankfully. I think he is just as happy to see spring coming as we all are.

Finally, since I found myself capturing every possible hint of spring, here are the lovely daffs I found on Thursday smiling in the sun after all the rain.....what could be better?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pot o' Gold!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day--Monday! A beautiful picture of a wee leprechaun drawn by Em. :-) Have a good week coming up...we are going to be busy around here with our spring break--Yippee! no school schedule.
Welcome Spring!!
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Threadwork or Redwork

Here are a couple of thread work patterns from a baby quilt that my great-grandmother made in the 30's. I posted a picture of the quilt and a couple of the other patterns a while back. If you follow the patterns tag under Labels along the side bar it should get you to the other ones. It was originally made using all different pastel threads...just beautiful! :-)

Website project

I have recently helped my daughter Meg with a school project in her media class in which they had to produce a working website for a "client". These are a few pages from the project which she just finished. They aren't working like they would on an actual website but are screen shots of a page that comes up. Now I need to get her to help me fiddle with the html of this blog--maybe. :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Relaxing day....

It is still not spring here-uggh-no snow tho, and I have high hopes for tomorrow when we are supposed to warm up a bit. Yesterday was the second Sunday that we painted around here. The first Sunday we overdid it and were sore, sore, sore--especially my forearms. Yesterday we only did two walls so we wouldn't end up totally incapacitated. I was able to relax later in the day and do a little redwork. The pattern for the brownie can be found here. I'll let you know how the matryoshka doll ends up.

Have a good little day today! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring is coming! It's just got to be....

Spring is almost here and I am waiting with bated breath to welcome it the minute it gets here. We all change our clocks back this weekend and I love it--the evening stays light and it always seems like it lasts forever. I am looking forward to walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. Yahoo!! :-)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Goofy kid stuff

Little treasures from childhood. I am still trying to declutter the house and basement, stopping and starting, totally inconsistant. I keep coming across stuff like this that has no present day use but I don't want to throw it away ethier. I remember wearing the ship, blue car, bird pins and cat eye glasses on a snazzy pair of rainbow suspenders. (Mork & Mindy fans will not wonder where I got this idea) :-) The frog, elephant and seagull on top of pins were selected with the special care of a ten year old on vacation up in Michigan. I made the beaded bracelet with a beading loom. I was definitely a goofy kid and even gooffier to save all this stuff. Good memories tho! :-)

(Picture of Mork was found here) I don't think I had a striped shirt to go with my suspenders--looking good Mork! :-)

Thank you Jackie for continuing to stop by and see me and thank you Jill for all your thoughtful comments. :-)