Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dolly Knits

This is the third knit doll that I've made. I like the tubular shape--kinda reminds me of babushka dolls--of course. The first of these dolls (several posts ago) was knit using an old McCall's pattern, but this one I made up on my own to get a smaller doll and the added pieces, like her hair, skirt and mary janes.

I have almost finished my small quilt--3 sisters. I have been adding the borders which need a little quilting and a rod case on the back so I can hang it. Maybe by the weekend I will be able to share. :-) The rest of this week we are supposed to be having a warm-up outside and sun, so it is off for a walk and some of that cleaning up the spring-like temps always inspire.

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