Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chinatown, Chicago

Last week when we visited Chicago for a couple of lovely sunny days we stopped at Chinatown just south of the main downtown and here are a couple of photos taken there. The Nine Dragon Wall is like one in Bejing and the ceramic tile were very cool.
We went into a bakery, while in Chinatown and bought a couple of cookies, some juice and a cake--which I forget the name of. I kinda knew I wasn't going to dig the cake---I am downright picky--but I love the impressed top and had to get it just for that reason alone. It looks like a coin on top doesn't it? Well.....guess what we found when we opened it?

A beancurd, seafood mixture--which to some would be a delightful yummy thing. Not my thing however so, I threw it away....sorry. We did all have a very good time---even if I didn't like the food. The street was busy with shoppers going into the local groceries, bakeries :-), and seafood markets. We went into a little store fairly busting with paper lanterns and umbrellas, silk slippers, and all kinds of nic-nacs from China. (no photos please) The small woman running the store spent the whole time convincing my husband that everything would bring him prosperity and good luck. She was just right and it makes me smile to remember her--a good memory. :-)

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