Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a Pretty Face

As you can see I have gotten a little further on the babushkas. On the first babushka doll back in January, I put round cheeks of pink felt and this time I've opted for a small amount of blush rubbed into the fabric. Does this stay on very long--does anyone know?
We've been busy, busy, busy around here, trying to box some stuff up in preparation for a move we have been planning. I might not be on here to update--not that I am that good at posting regularly anyway, but I will try and keep things going on here.
We have a lovely break from school this coming week. I am trying to come up with small, fun things to do with Em--she is not very excited about packing up boxes--go figure. A while back she asked where we were going for spring break and the light just dimmed in her eyes when she heard we were going to have fun packing up boxes. I don't blame her one iota--doesn't sound all that fun to me either. :-)
Take Care!

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