Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Faux

Painting in the kitchen is done--whoops--except for the kneehole of the desk--dang if we didn't forget that. Meg added our faux cherry blossoms here in the picture--we don't have any spring blossoms for real yet--forsythia is barely beginning to open around here. All these fake flowers have snuck their way into our house it seems--a few here and there and now we have five rooms graced with them. I'm sure I will keep them until they look all tatty and dusty because they sure are pretty.

Speaking of faux--let's be real here--my kitchen never looks this good--pots always drying on counters, piles of papers, etc.--but right now we are living the faux life. We will be listing our house for sale soon and so we have started to live this crazy life of having everything in its place as if company--like the queen were dropping by any moment. Of course, I still have more personal stuff to pack up--you can see examples in the above picture, like the ceramic plaque in the shape of a bear that Em made in art. I feel so resistive sometimes to putting it all away--makes me sad.

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