Friday, April 10, 2009


I have been meaning to get on here and share the knitted egg that I made last week. I used the free pattern shared by Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits. I fiddled with her pattern because I couldn't make the number of stitches come out right. Dummy me didn't realize that different ways of increasing produce different counts. So I re-figured the increase part of the pattern to work with knitting into the front and back of the stitches. The first one I made Em absconded with and I haven't seen it since. She is planning an egg hunt for her father and I and she needed a prize egg. :-)
Anyway, the bluey one above and below is the second one I made with varigated yarn from knitpicks. I wish I had time right now to make more.

The crocheted egg is from a shop in Evanston.

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