Monday, August 31, 2009

Resting Comfortably

Finally--good news to report. My Dad is doing much better and is to be released from the hospital soon. I am exhausted from worry and trips to the hospital, but overjoyed that things are going so well right now.

Our funny little dog, Giz, found it very comfortable in this basket, above, that the girls fitted out for him. He climbed in and out of the basket himself and even loved being carried around in it.

By the way--Mickie--thank you so much for keeping up with my blog and all your very warm thoughts--it is hugely appreciated. :-)


Mickie said...

Your welcome :) I was busy this week carying for sick family members as well and it is so nice to catch up with your blog. Glad your Dad is doing better.

Anonymous said...

So Precious!