Tuesday, August 18, 2009

State Fair

The State Fair is over but all the fun is remembered. The lemon shake-ups, mini donuts and look at this meat extravaganza-below. We didn't eat here--we passed by too early in the morning and ended up eating later elseware--I had a footlong hotdog--eeegads--all the junk food was yummy!

That is a lot of food. We rode past the same vendor at the end of our day on the sky ride and it was still piled high with just as much meat.
This dolly was in the creative arts building's amateur showings. Very simple and cute!
The embroidery wowed me on this welcome sign.
I like the depression era fabrics used in this Ohio Star quilt.

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Mickie said...

GREAT PICS!!! I can almost smell the fair, the photos are so wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing them!