Saturday, June 19, 2010


I just learned to make granny squares. They are such fun to make, soothing and rhythmic. 
Meg taught me on a recent trip and I've been cranking them out. I in turn taught Em and she is now making them.
I've been using my familiar wool palette yarn from KnitPicks in fingering weight.
I am working out an afghan the size of a doll's bed (theme of small size here).
The colors are from the center, Serrano, Petal (discontinued), Sky, and Pool.
I am not planning on washing this afghan much and that is the only drawback in using the wool.
Unless you have Superwash wool yarn you are stuck with cold water, hand-washing.

You can just barely see our tent in the background.
We had it set up in our backyard, tucked into the treeline.
We had a dab of cooler weather and we enjoyed ourselves outside with campfires, s'mores and flashlights.
Not so much with the bugs and cot-sleeping. :-)


sarah london said...

gorgeous grannies!!!

Carol said...

I am learning how to crochet grannies also :) Gets addictive that's for sure.