Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready for the 4th

I just finished this shirt for Em yesterday. She begged to wear it before the 4th of July--I'm so glad she likes it. It is a pattern that I came up with on my own. This is the test shirt--using fabric I already had and I love how it came out. I took a shirt of Em's that flared out and used it to get the basic width. I made a paper pattern and tried it against Em. It seemed like it would work, I had to make sure that the armholes didn't gape open and thankfully that wasn't a problem. This success gives me great courage to work out other patterns. The applied star in the center is very reminiscent of a dress that my mom made me when I was little. It was dark blue dotted-white fabric with a large white embroidered star on the chest. The only problem I had was the top tubing that the straps run through. When I sewed the bias tape around the armhole I sewed over the opening of the tubes--oops. I had to fiddle and re-sew that portion.

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