Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flowery Bag

This makes me happy! A beautiful fabric made into a lovely bag. The materials to make this bag all came tucked into the Cath Kidston book "Sew". It is a pretty book with lots of projects, from simple to a little harder. Chief reason for purchase was to get my hands on the material. It is a wonderful heavy duck cotton. Love the bluey-gray background and the rosy pink flowers.
I changed the pattern a wee bit to add a lining of my own material-the green with white dots. The instructions for another bag in the book had some of the instructions for adding a lining, but in changing the handles of the bag I needed to work some of it out on my own. As you can see that some of the handle ended up showing inside the bag. It worked out tho.
Here is an end of the purse showing how the handle is attached. The original pattern has the handle attached with a button on each side. I sewed the handle down in the midst of laying in the upper rim lining.
One of the best tips in the book was to use matching thread for the topstitching. I would have used white but I like the matching thread so much better.

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