Saturday, February 25, 2012


From time to time I have featured fabulous illustrators/artists here and Joan Walsh Anglund is one I have shown before. I couldn't resist showing her work again because I just found that she had illustrated this Hansel and Gretel story, published in 1962. I hopped onto Amazon and found a used copy to order. Man, do I love the internet for the used book market. I bought a Palmer Cox, Brownies book years ago and had to directly contact (via snailmail) a bookseller who located a copy for me. I had to send a check in the mail and wait forever to receive the book.
Anyway, Joan Walsh Anglund is on my list of favorite artist/illustrators. I am framing copies of work by each of my favorites to hang in my art room. Sometimes years go by without looking in books that I own to see the artwork of these illustrators. It seems like such a shame to have them hidden away. What are some of your favorite illustrators?
Are there any you haven't thought of for years?

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Kristen said...

I love Joan Walsh Anglund as my mom always had her calendars when were kids. I couldn't wait to flip the calendar each month to see what the cute kids with no mouths would be doing. Thanks for reminding me of that fun memory! :)