Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Put to Good Use

This is a small cloth bag that came with a tablecloth that I purchased a few years ago.
There is one on Amazon that is just like it, no mention of the cloth bag, but it might still come with it.
The bag is made with the same cloth that the tablecloth is made of--very cottagey! :-)
Well, being the possessor of a new Netbook (small laptop) that needed a protective bag, I thought of this cloth bag that had not found a purpose--even as beautiful as it is. 
I added a gingham lining and a layer of cotton batting in between to make a soft bed for the netbook.
The ricrac was already there and I hand-stitched the buttonhole so it would go through all the layers.
I didn't take a photo of the small bag that I also made of polarfleece to place the cord/adaptor into that goes into this netbook bag. There is even room for my camara to slide into the bag. Yeah!!!

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Kate said...

Great idea - well done!