Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Time

Easter is so early this year and we have had a chilly spring break.
Yesterday we cleaned and re-arranged Em's room--yikes, the dust bunnies!
Em has a bird feeder right outside her window 
and the birds kept us company as we gathered three bags of trash and giveaway. 
I moved our dining room table as well, under a window, just to get it into a different spot. 
Somehow that room--really just an extension off the living room has never been right.
It is a thruway and is hardly ever used, dismal ambiance.
Now we have a better view from the windows and more room.
I put out some knitted eggs in a dish for Easter.
I made them from leftover sock yarns with a couple of different patterns from the net.


Kate said...

Your knitted Easter eggs are adorable! The crocuses are beautiful ... we're still buried under 4' of snow! Happy Easter

Mickie said...

Happy Easter! Your eggs are wonderful and so was your vest (still catchin up here). Have a wonderful Easter! :)
Hugs, Mickie