Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Country Mouse or City Mouse?

This is an illustration from a book published by Platt & Munk called 
"Folk Tales Children Love" edited by Watty Piper.
This story is the classic City Mouse and Country Mouse.
It is a shame that the illustrator is not named. 
Does anyone know who drew this?
These mice look like rats to me..... 
These, of course,are illustrations by the incomparable Richard Scarry for the same story.
I would love a house in a tree, wouldn't you?
I ought to do a post just on illustrations of houses in trees that have fascinated me since childhood.
I am impatiently waiting for spring, which is taking a long time to show up.
Fairy tales help to lift my sagging winter spirits. :-)


Mickie said...

love the richard scarry illustrations but i don't like the rats (yeh they looked like that to me too!).
We are eagerly awaiting spring gardening but it is still pretty cold here. Hope you get some warmth soon too! Hugs, Mickie

Anonymous said...

Oh my, houses in trees are my favorite, too! Have you seen the books by Jill Barklem? They are all about mice that live in a hedgerow in England. You'll love the illustrations. Quick, go to Amazon and look for them. There is a set about the four seasons, the Secret Staircase is a Christmas mystery and there are several others.