Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Carving Up the Rubber

For summer camp last week I made each of the girls a rubber stamp --Em the kitty and Meg the owl--made the babushka for me. :-) I put the stamps into little cloth bags stamped with a "blind brownie" stamp I drew and then carved. We had kind of a secret santa type thing--thus the "blind brownie" at the beginning of camp. Each of us had to make a secret present for the other "campers".

I had forgotten how much I like making rubber stamps. I just drew a little doodle in pencil, flipped it over on the pink rubber, rubbed the pencil back and forth all over the back of the drawing to transfer the sketch to the rubber and used linoleum carving tools to cut around my transfered lines.

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Jennie said...

They are lovely.
I love your blog! So many nice things to look at!