Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fairy Ring and Some Housekeeping

Last year the girls and I played on vacation and left a fairy house in a hollow in the roots of a tree near the cabin. This year imagine our surprise to find a fairy ring of mushrooms in the front yard of the very same cabin. Meg said they are supposed to be dangerous places, that if caught inside of a fairy ring one can be snatched by fairies. For me it just added to the enchantment of an already beautiful spot on earth.

This is Harry Hedgehog sitting among the fairy toadstools. He is dressed in bathrobe and has his hot water bottle under his arm. This is just the outfit I need today and a hot water bottle is just the thing 'cause I feel kinda out of sorts at the moment.
My very talented Mom knit and put him together for me. It is another Alan Dart pattern.

Here is the newly refurbished fairy house. It was a little weather worn when we first saw it this year so we put together some new accouterments, like a nutshell floor lamp and acorn bowls of red berries, which disappeared during the night (?). Yellow flower tops served up with small pinecones made a splash on a center table of bark.
Also a comfy deer moss bed under a bark shelter. Slightly out of focus beside the bed is an acorn bowl with a snail shell in it. Must be French fairies enjoying escargo in bed. :-)

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