Monday, July 14, 2008

Lost Shoes

Have you lost a shoe? Maybe the pretty pleated slipper with the elf-like turned up toe? These two shoes have been tacked up here awhile on these fence posts--I have seen them repeatedly over the years--I look for them as a sort of touchstone to reassure myself that this little corner of the world hasn't changed much.

Another shoe story.....
At the end of winter this year just where we turn onto a main street we couldn't help noticing that there was a lost loafer in the middle of the road for weeks. For a while it got stuck in a long pot hole which made for a smoother turn and then one day--sadly--it popped out again. I was amazed at how long it stayed in the middle of the road and wonder who lost it in the first place--didn't they notice on those cold snowy days that one foot was noticibly colder than the other? I have no picture of this shoe because it was just too cold to stop for anything those days--probably why it was abandoned in the first place. :-)

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