Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Little Knit & Purl

Stripes and changing colors, I can do--but switching colors mid-row--uh uh. I tried to knit an apron on a girl doll that I was making and even though I was able to salvage the doll by stitching it up after the fact, it remains one of the many, many things I've yet to learn about knitting. :-)

This is the finished doll, fun, fun to complete--even with the troublesome apron. I put some arms on this one--stitched right onto the front and since I had so much trouble with the apron, I decided to add the doll's hair afterwards by stitching on an extra knitted piece--tucked under her wee hat.

Everyone around here wanted to know how her cheek color was added--makeup with a Q-tip.

Here are both of the wool dolls together.

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