Monday, January 19, 2009

Warming Trend

A little knitting to warm the days. I followed a pattern-mostly for a stick-type doll that was in a Woman's Day magazine back in 1987. I can't believe that I saved the pattern for so long--well maybe I can. I didn't even know how to knit back then. But, I have always had a thing for knitted dollies. I left off the collar that they had on the pattern and made a scarf for the boy shown finished below. The pants were supposed to be reverse-knitted too, showing the "wrong" side of the stockinette stitch but I didn't think I'd like that as well, so I just knitted it up regular. Lucky for me the turned up cap hides a goof-up I knit in the ribbing of the cap. By the time I discovered that I had switched the k1, p1 in one spot on several rows it wasn't worth going back and ripping it out.
Stay warm!

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