Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toadstool Home

I made this little felt toadstool house for Meg at Christmas.
The very cool pattern for felt toadstools is from the little house by the sea blog.
I finally got a decent photo of this toadstool using a lightbox that Meg and I made out of a cardboard box. Got the idea from a post from Delphine on non dairy diary blog. She linked up to a site that had the lightbox instructions on it. We took a large cardboard box and cut windows in three sides, covering the openings with tissue paper. The main box opening stays open and you line the inside of the box with a piece of posterboard to cover the back wall and floor in a continual sheet. Then shine lights from the sides and top--preferably full spectrum or sunshine and voila--you have better light for photos. Now I want to fiddle with the color of the background, use props, work with the lights a bit more, and use a tripod. Anyone want to see the lightbox? I can post a picture of it.....

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Loralynn said...

Yours turned out so cute! I made one too, just have to get around to posting the picture on my blog. Great job!