Friday, October 9, 2009

Felt Skulls

Looking around the net, I stumbled upon the coolest of ideas from Robin Romain at Rawbone Studio. I saw a string of orange and black skulls she had done on the blog Feeling Stitchy and wanted to make one of my own in all different bright colors. Robin sells her many strings of skulls on her Etsy site. Very Cool!
Mine were made from a skull I sketched out and then cut from pieces of felt. The embroidery was fun, fun, fun. Each face is a little different and if the sun was out I could get a close-up photo, rats....I'll try to add one to this post when the sun comes back. :-)

The sun came out but sadly the close-ups aren't that great. Oh, well.......... :-)

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Mickie said...

Sarah, these are really wonderful, can't wait to see the close ups. I think the colors are appealing and make them way more fun than the traditional orange and black. The faces are great :) Good job!