Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gnomes are Done!!

Here they are!! Yeah!!
For the last week or so both gnomes have been done except for the faces. I always find faces so hard to do. I had black-headed pins poked into the heads to show where I wanted to put the eyes, but I hesitated. Maybe beads would look good for eyes? I just couldn't decide...but finally I grabbed my needle-felting needles and made little wool eyes for each gnome.

Straying from the pattern I added some decorations to the bottom of the girl gnome's apron and changed the colors of the hair and beard.

The yarn I used was the palette yarn from KnitPicks (fingering weight). The facial yarn color wasn't perfect, a little dark or something but it works OK, I think.

The pumpkins are made by none other than Meg--her own pattern. :-)

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Mickie said...

These are wonderful! I wish I were better at knitting and can't crochet at all. Meg's pumpkins are wonderful, she made her own pattern??? WOWEEE these are some pretty amazing designers!!!! My favorite touch is the little decoration on the apron, they add something special to it. Well done!