Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Countdown in Felt

Step right in........

Our Emmy saw the countdown calendar for Halloween in a Pottery Barn catalog and wanted it so badly for this year. Halloween is one of her very favorite holidays. I asked her why she didn't make one of her own and with the artful spirit I love about my girls she set to. She even parted with some of her allowance to purchase orange felt. She designed the house, pockets, windows, etc. and I helped with some last minute sewing, ghost & number-making, along with rod-pocket and stick-cutting.

Each numbered pocket can hold candy but I am going to put a little note in each with directions for Em to seek out the treat and possibly a trick or two. :-)

Em even planned out the window opening for the last Halloween night to reveal the hidden 13th night pocket. We added the ghost last night.
Happy Halloween nights!!!!

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Mickie said...

WOW! This project is FANTASTIC!!! I am so impressed, I think Em is a designer in the making for SURE!!! It looks very professional Em, well done!

Loved the pics from Amish country as well. (Just catching up here). I was just in Lancaster County, PA last week.

Cheers and Congrats to Em on a job VERY well done!