Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Felt Mouse

I have not shared this gorgeous mouse that Meg made me. She got the pattern in the book "Hand-Stitched Felt" by Kata Golda. She made changes to the dress pattern and made the shoes by herself. Oh-and the little dolly is the pattern sized down with a wee crocheted basket by Meg. I made the blue felt dress with the ric-rac and used Meg's pattern for the shoes. I made a pattern for the pink-striped socks and used some jersey knit fabric from an old scrap.

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Mickie said...

Oh I love these mice! They are adorable! You could sell these, they are so cute! I also was checking out your quilt with the matroyshkas on them, so adorable, what is the height of the bricks? It looks so tiny!