Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road Traveled

A milestone passes today.
One year ago I woke with Bell's Palsy.
It has been a long year.
The worst symptoms passed by April,
but I'm left with a bit of remaining stillness and/or twitchiness on the right side of my face.
This is minor, for which I am glad and also, I notice it more than others do.
At this point I can't imagine that my face will ever feel like it did on November 2nd, 2010 and for that I am sad.
But, it could have been so much worse
so I can deal with it
and thank goodness that I got my smile back which is what I wanted the most.
I was helped very much by those on the internet willing to share their experiences with the illness.
There is even a woman who video-taped herself each month trying to move her face in the mirror.
Unending thanks and love go out to my family and friends whose support I needed so badly.

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